Science Labs

The Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Home Science Labs are all equipped with the latest equipment required to affect long-term, practical learning. The students in the Chemistry Lab use Micro Kits which are a mini replica of the regularly used test tubes and other apparatus and reduce the amount of chemicals used, thus impacting the scale of the effect they have on the environment. Every lab has a Wall of Fame with picture of fames scientists to encourage the students and a board where the latest news from the world of Science is displayed and then discussed in the class.

Computer Labs

The three state-of-the-art technology labs are equipped with the latest software and hardware, LCD’s and white boards, and DSLR’s and video cameras to encourage students in artistic pursuits such as movie making, photography and event management. Classes I-V employ Chrysalis as part of our curriculum partnership with EZVidya.

Social Science Lab

The Social Science Laboratory is a veritable mine of a plethora of maps and 3-D representations of our planet “Earth” and its key physical features. The Map Tracers and Sand Pit to aid in the study of Topography make Geography easy to understand and apply. History comes to life with the pictorial depictions and tactile models of artefacts. The interactive Smart Board adds to the realistic learning of the social sciences.

Language Lab

The language lab in the school offers an exclusive result oriented and efficient system to enrich the language learning process. The digital lab motivates students’ learning attitude, providing an interactive learning environment. The audio-visual aids fulfil the instructional needs of language educators and gives life to language. The ergonomically designed furniture and seating structure is conducive to an interactive and healthy learning environment.

S.P.A.R.K Lab

The STEAM Lab, rechristened SPARK (an acronym that stands for Science, Programming, Art, Research and Kreativity) has been relocated to a new venue, the Music room, which in turn has been relocated to the Robotics lab. The lab’s interiors have been redesigned, creating an aesthetically pleasing environment for the students of the club to work in. The lab is equipped with new 3D printers, computers with latest configurations and professional CAD & CAM software for design and innovation, new robotics kits, sensors and electronic equipment. The S -like arrangement of the tables has created workstations that reflect the modern workplace, and will aid in collaboration and peer-to-peer learning.