Professional Development

Reading 5.0 - Dr Ameeta Mulla Wattal Speaks on Ken Robinson

Reading is an integral part of the growth of every educator, and when a renowned educationist like Dr Ameeta Mulla Wattal spoke about the importance of reading while focusing on the work of the well known author, speaker and educationist Ken Robinson : no doubts about it, this was a treat for every teacher. Time just flew and before one knew it the one hour Zoom webinar on 24 November 2022 was over, but it left the listeners with a lot of thought provoking insights and a keen desire to read Ken Robinson’s books with greater attention. Dr Wattal spoke eloquently and with great understanding of the benefits of reading – which not only affects all our sensibilities for the better, but also increases white matter in the brain. She drew attention to Ken Robinson’s thoughts on the needs of the 21 st century learner to be encouraged by educators who are able to find and bring out the talent of every child. Certainly there are going to be many more teachers buying or borrowing ‘The Element’, ‘Finding Your Element’ or ‘You, Your Child and Your School. ’ Ms Sarmistha Ganguli, Ms Antima Kishore, Ms Yachana Villaitrani and Ms Rita Ronita Sen from the TIS faculty attended this absorbing session.

Cyber Security Workshop for Teachers

Understanding the significance and procedures of protecting data from unauthorized access or loss and preventing financial fraud and embezzlement are the need of the hour. Keeping this requirement in mind, a ‘Cyber Security Workshop’ was organized for the school faculty on 19 November 2022. The resource persons, Ms Seema Mongia, PGT Computer Science and Ms Manisha Gusain, PRT Computer Science talked about Cyber Crimes, Cyber Security and Cyber Safety. Security measures. Cyber Laws and Digital Wellbeing were also covered, giving examples and discussing case studies. Actions required to be taken to protect personal and official information and the need to apprise students about the same was also discussed.

Subject Integration Workshop for Teachers by Ratnasagar

Integrated curriculums allow students to have a deeper understanding of the subject matter and how to apply matter that they have learned in the classroom to real life situations. This ultimately helps to prepare them for their future studies, career and life in general.  With this principle in mind, a workshop was organised on 19 November 2022, with Ms Monisha Gupta and Mr Sandeep of Ratnasagar  as resource persons for all the teachers of the school. Tagore International has always advocated and practiced integration of subjects as a mode of encouraging higher level thinking skills and bringing out the connections between the different subjects. However, a reinforcement of what one knows is always valuable.  Energizing activities, serious discussion and brainstorming left the teachers enriched with new ideas to pursue subject integration in varied ways in their classrooms.

Capacity Building Program on Learning Objectives and Pedagogies on 5 November 2022

As part of our constant efforts to improve ourselves and move to the next level, workshops on various topics are regularly organised for the teachers. This CBSE workshop on 5 November 2022, was an intensive  day long one where teachers from both the Primary and the Senior wing explored all aspects of Learning Outcomes and the different approaches to various pedagogies. Learning outcomes help faculty and students come to a common understanding about the purpose and goals of a course or academic program. When the Learning outcomes are clear and comprehensive teachers will find it easier to provide an easier pathway for student success. Students too should understand learning outcomes so that they may regulate their own learning and assess how far they have understood the concepts being taught. Ms Neera Chopra ( Academic Consultant) and Ms Mallika Preman (Principal TIS,EOK) guided the teachers through a series of group activities and discussions to provide insights into the various aspects of the topic.

Capacity Building Program on National Education Policy on 30 July 2022

Managing Difficult Behaviour in the Classroom

The student is not difficult, their behavior is. With this in mind, Counselling Psychologist Ms. Ashrita Mahajan from Fortis Hospital held an interactive session with our teachers on 7th May 2022 on how to identify and manage behavioral issues in classrooms. All young children can be naughty or impulsive from time to time. However, some children have extremely difficult and challenging  behaviours that are outside the norm for their age and understanding the cause can help in better management. Ms. Mahajan shared a variety of strategies for either an individual or a whole group, emphasizing positive reinforcement and encouragement to modify such issues.

Capacity Building Program on Physical Education was held for primary teachers on 23 March 2022

A physical Education Card workshop was held for primary teachers on 23rd March, 2022. The session was a refreshing as well as energizing for the teachers. It was ably led by Mr. Mukesh Kohli from PEC, India. With a career spanning more than three decades in various schools and Delhi University, he exhorted the teachers to awaken their inner child by engaging in various fun yet resourceful activities. These involved kinaesthetic activities that paved the way for teaching various academic concepts. Presumed as tough, the concepts of mathematics and languages were broken down into smaller chunks that were engaging and delightful. Amidst laughter, engrossed in group activities, teachers shared their new found ideas of how conventional teaching methods can be transformed into joyful learning. The workshop was an eye-opener that the journey of learning can be adorned with laughter, new ideas and unlimited possibilities and at the same time lead to physically fit youngsters  

Workshop on Pedagames

A workshop on ‘Pedagames’ was conducted by Ms. Uma Chopra and Ms. Puja Singh on 30 March 2022 in TIS, Vasant Vihar, for teachers of both the branches of the school. The workshop emphasized on the importance of learning and teaching through fun-filled games that can be conducted in classrooms.Various energizers like brain gym activities, Kriya yoga, tapping exercises and group bonding activities were conducted along with the participants creating various card games using metacognitive skills.The workshop was a step forward towards learning to create happy classrooms.