Breaking Barriers participated in Open Mic , an event organised by Belongg Inclusive Education on 17 July 2021

The Belongg Inclusive School Festival was a great initiative and the Breaking Barriers Campaign was invited to collaborate with them for a two  day festival on Inclusive Classrooms, followed by an Open Mic Event conducted on Friday, 17 July 2021. This event was attended by students of schools and colleges across India. The goal was to curate important conversations on creating inclusive school environments for students who typically face prejudice and bullying based on their gender, sexual orientation, disability, and other identity markers. The festival also featured four panels as well as some cultural events spread over two days and important Indian and global experts focused on inclusive school spaces. 
The event began with two members, Jiya Chawla and Shaina Shingari, presenting a campaign PPT to introduce the best practices that our school has been doing for inclusion. Our student, Tia Banerjee was the emcee of the event. Three  of our students participated in the open mic- Jasleen Kaur, Aarush Chakrapani and Rajnandini. They displayed their talent in the form of monologues, raps, and poetry. All performances were equally commendable and breathtaking! We applaud these students for coming forward and being open about their views on diversity and inclusion. Our initiative was well appreciated by one and all.