Human Rights Day

Observing Human Rights Day on 10 December 2020

The Human Rights Day commemorates the adoption of the document which outlines the fundamental rights of all human beings to protect them universally. The United Nations General Assembly adopted it in the year 1948 to create public awareness about the social, cultural and physical rights of all the people across the globe.

To make the students of the middle and the senior school aware of their fundamental human rights as well as their responsibilities, Human Rights Day was observed on 10 December 2020. A meaningful and evocative discussion was initiated in each class to bolster ideas of transformative actions that can be taken at individual level to help spread awareness about the importance of human rights in our communities. After watching a thought-provoking video, students engaged in dialogues and discussions that addressed issues of inequality, exclusion and discrimination. The ideas of ‘Promoting Sustainable Development’ and ‘Working towards ending Discrimination’ took root which made the discussions successful.