'Rollercoaster 2020', online celebrations of Teachers' Day were held on 05 September 2020


For the first time in the history of the school, a virtual Teachers Day, filled with exciting and heart-warming presentations from not only the students but also the teachers was organised in a Zoom meeting on 5 September’20. The Covid-19 pandemic restrictions did not in any way dampen the enthusiasm of the organisers, the Class XI students, to use technology to appreciate the efforts of their teachers and to express their love and gratitude for them virtually.

The event included various performances, ranging from interactive fun games to dance performances by the students to rap battles and to songs. Even a skit recorded virtually by the teachers for the students was screened during the meet. Videos made by the students with humourous references to the tech glitches of an online class as also the integration of art activities and their take on them, left all with a smile. Like every year, the Best Dressed Contest for teachers took place in the Brush Challenge Format, where the teachers showcased their transformation from plain Janes in casual outfits to divas in Party Ready ones. An apt way for all to un-quarantine! The batch of class XII students also took on the challenge of transforming themselves to student teachers, appearing in their Sunday best in the videos.

Even though no one could be on stage and there was no red carpet, the virtual celebration was a massive success and left everybody elated, laughing with gay abandon, participating in the fun games, singing songs and rejoicing every inch of the way! It was indeed a roller coaster ride of 2020 none would ever forget!