Career Counselling

The Counselling Department has curated a Career Aptitude Program to cater to students of class preparing for opportunities after school. The Department builds a personality profile and a holistic report for each student individually which is later shared and discussed with the parents. The report includes components such as strengths, weaknesses, personality type, and best suited career paths for the student.

Based on this, we can work with students on their plans for college and help them decide the perfect fit for them.

Confluence: Career Fair 2023

Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar, joined forces with the Jitin Chawla Career Centre to host the Confluence Career Fair on 7 October  2023.

The fair kicked off with informative speakers’ sessions that aimed to guide students on their educational and career journeys. These sessions covered a range of topics like tips and insights on excelling in the CUET, guidance on the latest career trends, exploring new pathways to studying abroad, and inspiring stories of entrepreneurs who found success through unconventional routes.

True to its name, the Fair saw confluence of around 30 plus national and international universities, including renowned institutions such as Ashoka University, OP Jindal University, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, University of York, McMaster University, University of Sydney, University of Exeter, Institute of Company Secretaries of India and more.
The fair equipped students with comprehensive information and resources for their future educational and career pursuits.

Entrepreneurship As A Career

The career talk by Dr. Nirupama Soe from BML Munjyal  University for students of Classes XI and XII  focused on entrepreneurship as a career option. The speaker discussed  the true meaning of entrepreneurship, being an entrepreneur and the market analysis which an entrepreneur should consider before creating a startup. She talked about the pros and cons of choosing entrepreneurship as a career option followed with some examples of great entrepreneurs. The session  concluded with a question/answer round where she further elucidated her insights  on Entrepreneurial Skills.

Career Counselling Centre in School

In a continuous endeavour to provide the right guidance to students, Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar is proud to announce an association with Jitin Chawla’s Centre for Career Development. We have set up a Career Counselling Centre where a counsellor from the organization is available in school every Wednesday from 9 am to 2 pm to assist students of Classes IX-XII in finding the right career path for each of  them. This is a new and innovative step taken by the school for the welfare of students and already a large number of students are showing their interest in planning for their future. Parents are also welcome.

The Counsellor will provide the following services:

  • Individual counselling : to be arranged via prior appointment for students and/or parents and would cover areas like career choice, university options, profile building, letter of recommendations, summer internships, etc.

  • Group orientation sessions: conducting various sessions for the students on topics like career options, study abroad, effective career planning, etc.

  • Display books and material containing relevant information which would be available to students, parents, and teachers.

Further, class wise details of activities to be covered are as follows:

Class IX
– Introduction to the world of careers

– Additional non academic activities like competitions, movies, summer internships/schools

– Public figures profiling – When we see, we believe

Class X

– SWOT Analysis – Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

– Competition smart, summer schools in India and abroad, summer internships

– Structured plan for subject selection

– Study effectiveness, time management etc.

Class XI

– Discussion about new age careers based on subjects taken

– Guidance on profile building, online as well as offline courses/internships, letters of recommendations, presentations and leveraging social media

– Discussion on entrances

Class XII

– Discussion on universities in India and abroad

– Guidance on building up for competitions, participating in relevant courses/internships

– Notification of entrances, application deadlines etc

– Assistance with letter of recommendations, statement of purpose, and other application related processes

– Guidance on how to write a research paper, social project, podcast