Career Counselling

The Counselling Department has curated a Career Aptitude Program to cater to students of class preparing for opportunities after school. The Department builds a personality profile and a holistic report for each student individually which is later shared and discussed with the parents. The report includes components such as strengths, weaknesses, personality type, and best suited career paths for the student.

Based on this, we can work with students on their plans for college and help them decide the perfect fit for them.

Careers in Psychology

To introduce our students of Classes XI and XII  to the ever increasing scope in Psychology, we invited Ms Anandee Chakrabarti (one of our Alumni and ex-Head Girl) who is currently pursuing a PhD in Organizational Behavior to interact with the students on 30 November 2022. She shared details about the Learning and Development Sector which  has a massive employment opportunity which often goes untapped by young professionals. Further, she also shared details about the more traditional route adopted by students of psychology – i.e. of counselling and clinical work.

Unconventional Careers - Sports Anchor and Radio Jockey

Mr Suren Sundaram is not just one of the the most recognizable voices on the radio, he is also one of the most popular faces in the field of Sports Anchoring and Journalism. An alumni of TIS VV, he has hosted 3 IPLS and 2 World Cups, the U-19 Cricket World Up as well as the Women’s T-20 World Cup on Star Sports.

In an interactive session on unconventional careers with the students of Classes IX and XI, held on 22 November 2022, he guided them through the process of becoming a Radio Jockey and a Sports Anchor by sharing his own journey. He emphasized the importance of having hobbies and building talent through in depth research and constant practice. He encouraged the students to delve into their own strengths and left them with a lot to think about.

Career Counselling Centre in School

In a continuous endeavour to provide the right guidance to students, Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar is proud to announce an association with Jitin Chawla’s Centre for Career Development. We have set up a Career Counselling Centre where a counsellor from the organization is available in school every Wednesday from 9 am to 2 pm to assist students of Classes IX-XII in finding the right career path for each of  them. This is a new and innovative step taken by the school for the welfare of students and already a large number of students are showing their interest in planning for their future. Parents are also welcome.

The Counsellor will provide the following services:

  • Individual counselling : to be arranged via prior appointment for students and/or parents and would cover areas like career choice, university options, profile building, letter of recommendations, summer internships, etc.

  • Group orientation sessions: conducting various sessions for the students on topics like career options, study abroad, effective career planning, etc.

  • Display books and material containing relevant information which would be available to students, parents, and teachers.

Further, class wise details of activities to be covered are as follows:

Class IX
– Introduction to the world of careers

– Additional non academic activities like competitions, movies, summer internships/schools

– Public figures profiling – When we see, we believe

Class X

– SWOT Analysis – Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

– Competition smart, summer schools in India and abroad, summer internships

– Structured plan for subject selection

– Study effectiveness, time management etc.

Class XI

– Discussion about new age careers based on subjects taken

– Guidance on profile building, online as well as offline courses/internships, letters of recommendations, presentations and leveraging social media

– Discussion on entrances

Class XII

– Discussion on universities in India and abroad

– Guidance on building up for competitions, participating in relevant courses/internships

– Notification of entrances, application deadlines etc

– Assistance with letter of recommendations, statement of purpose, and other application related processes

– Guidance on how to write a research paper, social project, podcast

Career Guidance Session by Pratham

A profile building and career guidance session was conducted for Class 11 by PRATHAM on 22 Jan 2021. The session was very insightful as students learnt  how they can enhance their profile as per their career interests and professional career choices. This session helped them gain information about how social media and social profiles can affect their growth as well as their work profile going forward. The session was conducted by Mr. Ritesh Jain is a career counselor and International university admission strategist.

Webinar on ' Science Research Career '

A Webinar on careers in Science Research was organized for classes 11th and 12th Science Students by. Dr. Vaibhav Kapuria on 7 August 2020. Nearly 60 students attended this session. The comprehensive content was a valuable guide for the students.

Some highlights from the session:

  • Knowledge about the advantages of a research career.
  • Endless areas of research careers.
  • Emerging research opportunities in India and Internationally.

Free Online Science Career Assessment Test.

A Career counseling session was organized by Mr. Pawan Solanki , Global Reach Career Counselling organization on Stream Selection for the students of class X on 17 July 2020

A Career counseling session was organized by Mr. Pawan Solanki from the Global Reach Career Counselling organization on Stream Selection for all sections of class 10 on 17th July. Many parents and students joined the session where students also gave very positive feedback. They were able to gauge which stream/subject selection would give them better career choices in the future and what careers will come into existence and what will become absolute.

Career Counselling session was organised by Mr . Pawan Solanki , Global Reach Career Counselling Organisation for the students of classes XI & XII on 14 July 2020

In today’s challenging world there is a huge demand for good professionals who can cope with the challenges of the competitive environment. The Institute of Company Secretaries of India fulfils this gap by producing good professionals who have integrated knowledge of multiple disciplines of law, finance, and corporate governance. A Company Secretary is the vital link between the company, its board of directors, shareholders, government, and other agencies and plays a vital role in the company’s future and coordinates management functions and company policies. The role and scope of a Company Secretary has increased manifold under the new Companies Act, 2013, particularly after being given the position of Key Managerial Personnel (KMP). With regard to the same, a career counselling session was organised by Mr. Himanshu Sharma from The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) for classes XI and XII Commerce students on 14th July.

This Online Career Awareness Programme on Company Secretaryship Course was very helpful for the students as it gave them insights on CS courses that can be pursued by any student of commerce/arts/science stream after passing class 12th examination.

Career Assessment and Planning session was conducted by UPES online for students of class XI-XII on 08 May 2020