As a school committed to providing our students with the best of opportunities in all ways, we place special emphasis on grooming and guiding those who wish to study abroad.  We have always  motivated students to explore their own potential to the fullest. The career benefits of studying abroad are endless and adds a special touch to one’s resume. Apart from that, the benefits of exposure to a different culture are equally invaluable. According to a study by the US Department of Education International Research Studies Office, students who study abroad show higher levels of abstract reasoning, higher order thinking, integrative learning, and social development.  From writing recommendations for students to updating them about specific universities, we have remained strongly focused on this. The annual Career Fair in school sees a large number of well known foreign universities represented here, which help students narrow down their search for the perfect opportunity. Many of our alumni have gone on to win scholarships at prestigious institutions in various countries. Undoubtedly, studying , living and working in other parts of the world will greatly expand one’s world view and we are keen to mentor our students through the preliminary stages.

Higher Education in Australia - Career Talk

KAAISER, a group of Australian Education Specialists, hosted a career talk on Tuesday, 22 August 2023, for students of grades XI and XII. The talk focused on the benefits of getting a higher education degree from Australia, covering application requirements, processes, and scholarships.

Mr. Kapil Chandok of KAAISER highlighted Australia’s top eight  universities, diverse courses, and research opportunities. He listed the prerequisites  for availing a scholarship and the generic application essentials. He further shared valuable information on full time and part time employment options for students studying in Australia. The Q&A session at the end  provided students with personalized insights.

Workshop on Overseas University Admissions

Studying abroad is the single most effective way of changing the way we view the world.    
Chantal Mitchell

The college admissions process is a nerve-wracking journey for students and parents, with plenty of tough decisions along the way, more so if one is planning on studying overseas.

With the aim to provide guidance to our students and help them navigate the college admissions process, a workshop was organized on Saturday, 20 May, 2023, on Overseas University Admissions by Mr. Abhinav Nath, CEO, NexTrack Consulting. The workshop focussed on:

  •  The landscape of colleges in the US, UK, Canada and Liberal Arts Colleges in India
  • Factors which affect undergraduate admissions
  • Critical Components of the undergraduate application journey

Students and parents interacted with Mr. Nath and his team, explored courses, details of scholarships and as such the nuances involved in applying to universities abroad. Making the most of this opportunity.