Student Counselling

At TIS, we believe it is vital to create a safe space for students to communicate and express themselves without fear or inhibitions.

The Counselling Department is led by two qualified psychologists. Ms Himanshi Popli is our Junior School Psychologist and Ms. Komal Malik is our Senior School Psychologist. They support our students in the following areas:

  1. Mental health concerns: They provide individual counselling sessions for students going through any and all psychological issues. All sessions are confidential unless involving harm to self or others. Students, parents and teachers can all reach out to the counsellors. For individuals who might need more time and support, we provide resources and referrals to the respective parents.
  2. Life skills: They conduct sessions on social-emotional skills and organize workshops from external providers on a variety of issues ranging from drug awareness and cyber-security to gender and adolescence education. They also run the Peer Mentoring Program, where students from Classes X-XII conduct life skills workshops for students of Classes VI-VIII.
  3. Learning disabilities & special needs: They identify and support students diagnosed with learning disabilities like ADHD, as well as physical challenges like visual and hearing impairment. The school ensures that such students receive all the academic benefits provided by the CBSE. 
  4. Career counselling: They organize a variety of talks and workshops to help students understand their personalities, learn about career and college options, and explore opportunities abroad. 

Contact details:
Ms. Komal Malik                                                 Ms. Himanshi Popli        
Ms. Komal Malik
Ms. Himanshi Popli