School Trips

Nurturing Literary Enthusiasm: School Library Teachers' Visit to World Book Fair

During a recent visit to the World Book Fair, the school’s library teachers immersed themselves in a diverse literary world, exploring classics and contemporary works. The fair unfolded as a treasure trove, catering to various interests and age groups, providing valuable insights into emerging literary trends through engaging interactions with publishers and authors.

The fair became a source of pride for the institution as aspiring authors from the school took center stage in talks and panel discussions. Witnessing students confidently share their writing journeys and creative processes on a larger platform was uplifting, highlighting the nurturing environment the school provides for young writers.

Beyond inspiration, the fair served as a strategic opportunity to acquire books that will enrich the school’s library collection. The diverse range of titles acquired ensures the library remains a vibrant resource, catering to various genres, interests, and reading levels. This experience deepened the commitment to fostering a culture of literacy and lifelong learning within the school.

As these literary treasures return from the World Book Fair, the goal is not only to expand the library’s collection but also to reignite curiosity and enthusiasm for reading among students. Sincere appreciation goes to the school administration for recognizing the value of such experiences and enabling participation.

Whispers From the Past: Class IV Heritage Walk

Stepping back in time to the days of emperors and grand gardens, the curious young minds of Class IV went on a time-travelling adventure through the beautiful Lodhi Gardens on 31 January 2024. They were ably guided by our senior students from S.O.C.H (Society of Cultural Heritage ) who shared the key facts by reciting  captivating poems, cleverly crafted to help the students effortlessly remember the key landmarks of Lodhi Gardens.

The first stop was the grand tomb of Sultan Sikandar Lodi, who ruled Delhi in the early 16th century. This octagonal structure was built in red sandstone and adorned with intricate carvings. Next,  came  the imposing Bada Gumbad, a mosque built during the same period. Tucked away among the trees was the charming Sheesh Gumbad, a small tomb with a unique mirrored ceiling made of tiny bits of blue tiles and sparkling pieces of mirror. The lake and the Athpula bridge offered  a vista of serene beauty, adding to the charm of this iconic park.

This heritage walk was a fascinating exploration of both nature and history. It was a memorable experience for the students, especially hearing the lesser known stories of the past from their seniors ; truly a journey back in  time.

Exploring Heritage and Harmony: A Day Out for Class IX

On December 29, 2023, students of Class IX embarked on a journey to delve into Delhi’s rich history and create lasting memories. Their first stop was the National War Memorial, a symbol of valor and sacrifice. The students paid homage to the fallen heroes, tracing the narratives etched on the Walls, accompanied by insightful descriptions of pivotal battles. The solemnity of Ram Sutar’s murals, depicting the essence of bravery, left an indelible mark.

Transitioning from reflection to jubilation, students revealed in a picnic at the serene Lodhi Gardens. Amidst the lush greenery and historic tombs, laughter echoed as students engaged in energetic games of Kho kho and kabaddi. It was a joyous farewell to 2023, blending education with recreation.

“In exploring our past, we find the seeds of a harmonious future.”

Exploring Heritage and Harmony: A Day Out for Class X

“Every step is a lesson, and every lesson is an adventure.”

Class X students immersed themselves in history on December 29, 2023, starting with a visit to the newly restored Humayun’s Tomb. This architectural marvel, the first garden tomb in Delhi, became a living classroom where students delved into mathematical 3D shapes, learned about the red sandstone that adorns its structure, and uncovered facets of Mughal history.

The day continued with the students enjoying a picnic in the majestic  Lodhi Gardens. Surrounded by the historic tombs, the atmosphere was charged with the lively energy of students engrossed in games of Kho kho, tug-of-war,  frisbee and kabaddi. The laughter echoing through the gardens created a vibrant tapestry of memories, providing a joyful farewell to 2023.

“Through play and exploration, we find the true essence of education.”

Building Bonds and Creating Memories: Senior Students' Day of Fun at Adventure Island

The school trip to Adventure Island on December 29, 2023, became a highlight for our senior students in grades XI and XII. Nestled in Rohini, Delhi, this amusement park offered a perfect blend of excitement, featuring cutting-edge rides and a tranquil man-made lake that served as the canvas for a day filled with laughter and camaraderie.
This excursion went beyond providing a mere break from routine. It was about the shared laughter, the stories exchanged, and the bonds strengthened. Adventure Island became a canvas for more than just thrills; it became a space where ordinary moments transformed into extraordinary memories, all because our senior students experienced it together with the right people.

In the words of Elizabeth Green, “Sometimes the most ordinary things could be made extraordinary, simply by doing them with the right people.” This sentiment encapsulates the essence of our Adventure Island day—a reminder that joy is amplified when shared, and ordinary outings become extraordinary.

Class VIII Students Dive into India's History with 'Jai Hind' Light & Sound Spectacle at Red Fort

We believe in providing our students with enriching cultural experiences and recently, our Class VIII students had the unique opportunity to witness the captivating ‘Jai Hind’ light and sound show at Red Fort on December 23, 2023.

This exceptional production combines live actors with cutting-edge projection mapping technology, offering a one-of-a-kind exploration of India’s history. The immersive experience covered significant events from the Mughal era to the Indian National Army using vibrant laser lights and compelling narratives. The 60-minute spectacle seamlessly blended storytelling, pageantry, history, culture and technology, captivating our students and allowing them to absorb India’s remarkable transition from medieval to modern times.

Exploring Timeless Tales: A Heritage Walk at Lodhi Gardens by S.O.C.H.

On the vibrant morning of December 18, 2023, members of the Society of Caretakers of Our Heritage (S.O.C.H), a dynamic student-led initiative, orchestrated a Heritage Walk at the iconic Lodhi Gardens for the students of grade VI.

The S.O.C.H team, a blend of passionate students from Classes VIII and XI seamlessly wove together tales and facts about the monuments nestled within the expansive Lodhi Gardens, shedding light on the architectural marvels that have withstood the test of time.

The students of Class VI actively participated in engaging activities and trivia sessions curated by the S.O.C.H team. The Heritage Walk transcended the classroom, transforming history from a textbook subject to a vivid, living experience.

The Heritage Walk culminated in a joyous picnic, providing the students an opportunity to relax and bond amidst the natural beauty and historical grandeur of Lodhi Gardens. The students carried back not only memories of a delightful picnic but also a newfound appreciation for the rich history that surrounds them.

Educational Exploration at Qutub Minar: Blending Heritage and Learning on a Day Trip

On 21 December 2023, students from Class VII embarked on an unconventional educational journey, blending fun and learning in a meticulously planned day trip. This insightful visit offered a perfect fusion of various core subjects, including English, Hindi, Science, Social Science, and Mathematics, all against the backdrop of the historic Qutub Minar.

The unique aspect of this trip lay in its seamless integration of external learning through a historical monument, providing real-life applications of educational concepts. Students experienced hands-on applications of applied mathematics, gaining a profound appreciation for Delhi’s rich history, secular traditions, and artistic legacy. Engaging discussions unfolded, covering topics ranging from the lives of Qutub-ud-din-Aibak and Iltutmish to historical events like the 1981 stampede and the earthquakes of the 1800s.

Mathematical activities focused on exploring the symmetry, radius, and base shape of the monument, adding a practical dimension to their learning. Debates on secularism and tolerance among medieval rulers were thought-provoking, and the mystery of the famous never-rusting Iron Pillar was expertly explained.

The educational journey extended to the serene Jamali Kamali gardens, where students enjoyed a picnic, capping off a day filled with exploration and discovery. This immersive experience aims to inspire students to seek deeper meanings within our remarkable monuments, fostering a connection with our cultural heritage.

Educational Trip to ICAR-NIPB, Pusa

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.” – Albert Einstein

Biology students of Class XI enjoyed a trip to ICAR-National Institute of Plant Biotechnology on 15 December 2023.

It was a wonderful opportunity for the students to gain exposure to the scientific research being done at one of the premier agricultural institutes of India. Students attended an interactive session with Dr. Amolkumar U. Solanke, Senior Scientist. He kindly shared details of the current research projects   and also listed some of the achievements of the Institute. Students got a chance to see the tissue culture lab, test plots with transgenic crops and a demo of some of the molecular biology techniques. This trip has provided valuable insights into the multiple career opportunities that agriculture and biotechnology has to offer. A number of students evinced interest in taking up a summer internship at this prestigious institute.

Empowering Dreams: Film Screenings and Students' Interaction with Olympians

In an exciting event designed to inspire young hearts and minds, our students recently had a wonderful opportunity to interact with Olympics medal winners and watch movies related to sports and sporting heroes on 9 October 2023 at the C.D. Deshmukh Auditorium, India International Centre (IIC). This event seamlessly merged the realm of sports and cinema and will remain an unforgettable memory for  the budding young minds.
The heart of the event lay in the carefully curated film screenings. Tailored to motivate young minds, these films brought to life the incredible stories of Olympic athletes who overcame obstacles, pushed their limits, and reached the pinnacle of their respective sports. Listening to the  athletes – Manu Bhaker(shooting), Bajrang Punia (wrestling), Rani Rampal (field hockey) and Abhinav Bindra (shooting) – the students were not mere spectators, they were transported into the shoes of these athletes, feeling their triumphs and challenges deeply. The stories of dedication, perseverance, and unwavering passion resonated with every youngster in the room, instilling a sense of belief that they too could achieve greatness in their chosen pursuits. The quiz on Olympic trivia was challenging and enjoyable. Our students’ participation was especially appreciated by the Director of INTACH.

From Trade to Territory - A Historical Play

‘From Trade to Territory’ a theatre event for school children, was organized by History Diaries, on 23 August, Wednesday at LTG Auditorium, Mandi House. The play focused on the gradual transition of the British in India from traders to rulers. 30 students from Classes VII and VIII enjoyed this performance, more so  as it was closely related to all they had learnt in their history classes . The excellent script, stage effects, costumes, the touches of humour and of course the mesmerizing acting held the students spellbound. They all expressed their keen interest in availing such opportunities in the future

Understanding Our Past – A Visit to the National Museum

At Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar we believe that education cannot be restricted to the four walls of a classroom. Museums, with their real artifacts, dioramas, and immersive exhibitions provide a uniquely positive environment to foster learning.
The Humanities students of Classes XI and XII enjoyed the opportunity to enrich their knowledge at the National Museum, New Delhi on 4 August 2023. Through a guided tour planned with the Yuva Saathi volunteers at the museum, students were able to dive into their past, spanning from the Indus Valley Civilisation to the early Medieval Period. One of the best preserved collections in the world, the museum captures the essence  of Indian civilization from the ancient mud brick cities of Mohenjo Daro to the recent past, its evolution under different rulers and the many cultural influences that have made India what it is. The students came back enriched and better connected with the topics included in their curriculum.

Humanities Students Visit the Lok Sabha

Humanities students of Classes XI and XII were lucky enough to be  able to visit the very hub of Indian democracy  on  2 August and 3 August 2023. This study tour of the Lok Sabha aimed  to make the students aware of the working of the lower chamber of India’s bicameral parliament After going through many layers of  security ,  the students found themselves seated in the public gallery of the House. They were delighted to be able to spot some well known MPs and politicians. They had an excellent  view of the ‘popular’ chamber of the Parliament which is the actual  basis of the country’s polity and were filled with a sense of responsibility as future citizens of the country.

Commerce Students Visit the Bourse

The National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE) is an institution of national importance, being the country’s second largest stock exchange after BSE `Mumbai. The Commerce students were able to visit this fascinating place in Parliament Street  and experience for themselves its multiple roles including stock exchange, market regulator, index provider, data and analytics, IT services, educator and market developer.
In a guided visit conducted by one of their officials, the students were instructed about  the working of the NSE and were also made aware of its importance as a leading stock exchange of the country. Various college courses which can be pursued by students to become stock brokers were also mentioned along with other career options. The students were made aware of some CBSE skill subjects related to financial markets which they can study as an additional subject. 
An absorbing  question answer session concluded the visit to NSE, which  was undoubtedly most  enriching and a one of its kind experience for the students.

Students of Tagore International School , Vasant Vihar Invited to Shanghai

Tagore International School,Vasant Vihar has always worked for international goodwill and understanding by forging close ties with students and educational institutions across the world.Recently we were honoured to be the only Indian school invited by the Chinese Embassy in India on behalf of the hosts, The Good Neighbourliness Friendship and Cooperation Commission (GNFCC) of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) to the Shanghai Cooperation Junior Journalists International Summer Camp from 13 July to 25 July 2023. This event gave an unique opportunity to our students Tishya Chandok and Snehpreet Kaur (both of Class X) to learn about the workings of the media and gain exposure in a foreign country. 
The Opening Ceremony was held on 17 July at Volga Manor, Harbin, where our students danced to the catchy Hindi song Gallan Goodiyan and Ms Sonia Bhatia, who had accompanied the students, also gave a speech. A Seminar for the teachers on ‘Diversity in Education’ was held on 20 July at Lindu Hotel, Yichun. An impressive closing ceremony on 24 July at Yueju Chateau, Yichun concluded this event. Shehpreet and Tishya enthralled the audience with another Indian dance.
The students grasped a lot about how the media functions and news is broadcast in China. They also absorbed a lot from their peers about different food and cultures and it was a great chance to share some delicious Indian eats and thus reach out to the other delegates. The interaction with students from various countries and the glimpse of China with its fascinating ancient history and culture as well as its amazing modern technological advances was indeed a unique takeaway for the students.

Class IX students visited the Pradhanmantri Sangrahalaya on 25 July 2023

The gracious old building where Nehru resided is beautifully preserved along with Nehru’s room, study etc. It also incorporates animated displays of the making of the Indian Constitution. The new building in the same extensive grounds houses technologically advanced displays recording how each Prime Minister steered the country through some of the momentous events of modern India. It is a well-curated connect with the country’s past and explores the legacy of the Freedom Struggle, Partition and the development of modern India.

Students could explore the touch screen displays, watch short videos and enjoy the experience of the time machine before finally traversing the circular galleries dedicated to each leader. They thoroughly enjoyed the holograms, virtual reality, augmented reality, multi-touch, multimedia, interactive kiosks, interactive screens, and more, which made this a unique learning experience.

Students Visit the National Gandhi Museum

The students of Class X visited the National Gandhi Museum in New Delhi on 07 July 2023. The museum depicts the many phases of Mahatma Gandhi's life and his works. The huge picture galleries portray Gandhi’s life, thoughts and ideals in photographs, murals and paintings. Some of his personal belongings have also been preserved here for posterity. The library at the Gandhi Museum plays a dual role of showcasing Gandhi’s work to the public and also serving as a place for general study. In addition to the museum's Gandhi based permanent collection, the museum also showcases other exhibits mainly dealing with the history of India and the freedom movement.  It was an enriching educational experience that helped the students learn more about the Father of the Nation and his relevance even today.

Memories for a Lifetime : Summer Adventure Trips 2023

Some of the best memories of school life are always those of school excursions with friends. An adventure trip with challenging outdoor activities creates a lifelong connection to the natural world—and all of the health benefits that come with it. Building these bonds as an adolescent increases the likelihood of lifelong outdoor relationships. A deep connection to nature also builds environmental stewards who are more likely to  reserve and restore natural spaces, ensuring their existence for future generations.
Students from Classes VI to VIII, Classes IX and X and later Class XII enjoyed separate but equally exciting trips to Mukteshwar , Nainital and  Corbett park. Each group of 80 students and 8 teachers started from Delhi in the evening and reached Mukteshwar the next day. The first day was filled with the thrill of doing activities like rappling, zip lining and rock climbing at the famous Chauli Ki Jhali. The next day, in coordination with the staff of TERI, everyone went to Sunkiya, a nearby village,  where they interacted with local families and got a taste of village life by doing activities like cooking on a chulha, planting saplings and  fetching water from a  mountain stream. The village people had laid out a delicious lunch of local delicacies, which everyone enjoyed on the green hillside while admiring the luscious peaches on the trees all around. Later, the students enjoyed a splash in the Bhaalu Gaad waterfall, deep in the valley. The next day, included a stroll along the mall road in Nainital (Classes IX and X decided to skip this as heavy rain was predicted) Next, the groups headed towards Ramnagar where the luxury resort’s main attraction was the pool where everyone had a riotous time. The morning found them headed to the Kosi River near the Garjiya Devi Temple. Here they all enjoyed paddling in the clear flowing river.
Students of Class XI explored a different option, doing three days of adventure sports, with challenging treks and a night camp out in the wilderness near Bhimtal. They returned with wonderful memories to cherish forever.
It was true experiential learning for all students, where they learnt to be  independent, challenging their fears, identifying their strengths and becoming confident and responsible individuals.

Students Enjoy the Van Gogh 360 Degrees Event

Vincent van Gogh was undoubtedly one of the most influential and famous figures in western art history and  his vibrant Post Impressionist  artworks have remained astoundingly popular. Each of the estimated 2100 paintings that he painted with such passion are a glimpse to his increasingly tortured state of mind. The immersive Van Gogh 360  show has finally reached India and two art teachers along with 24 students from Classes X, XI and XII  visited the show in Gurugram on 9 May 2023 and had an extraordinary and unique experience. Cutting-edge technology has created a captivating 360-degree environment, projecting Van Gogh’s iconic paintings on the walls and floors. ‘It felt like stepping into the vibrant and expressive world of the artist, walking through his mind and experiencing the intensity and passion behind his art’ they said. The projections brought the intricate brushstrokes and vivid palette of Van Gogh’s works to life. Accompanied by music, the exhibition guided the students through the artist’s life and inspirations. It is undoubtedly a fantastic tribute to this artist who has influenced and inspired all  artists who have come after him and has come to be the most recognized painter of all time. A breath taking experience indeed for the art students !

Art students visit to Andretta

Andretta is anything but another ordinary Himalayan village – it was a meeting point of some great minds in theatre, art and pottery in the last century and is experiencing something of a cultural renaissance again.
Every art student at TIS, VV looks forward to the annual art trip to Andretta. This year too, a group of 14 students along with  their art teachers, enjoyed a four day trip to this beautiful and unique village, sandwiched as it is between the lofty snow capped Dhauladhar range and the dense foliage and bamboo groves of the Shivaliks.
Visiting the house built by Norah Richards, the family owned Sobha Singh Art Gallery, the pottery workshops, going out on sketching trips, visiting the tea gardens and watching the processing of the leaves into tea ready for the market, visiting a local mela with all its fun rides, absorbing the serene vibes of the monasteries of Birbilling – they managed it all ! Photography enthusiasts had a chance to grab some exceptional captures.   
Meeting bloggers Mallika Dua  from Comicstaan and  Shweta Tripathi from Mirzapur Movie was an icing on the cake.
For all the students, the beauty of the Kangra landscapes, the unique ambience of Andretta and  the exhilaration of  those four funfilled days will certainly remain one of their most cherished memories.

Visiting the Excavations at Purana Qila

The NEP 2020 underlines the need to evolve pedagogy to make education more experiential, inquiry-driven, discovery-oriented, learner-centered and enjoyable. We at Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar are dedicated to keep giving such opportunities to our students so that they may learn in real life
On Thursday 06 April 2023 the History students of Class XII were taken to visit one of the historical gems of Delhi, the Purana Qila or Old Fort, to witness the ongoing excavation work (which is closed for general public viewing) being carried out by archaeologists under the leadership of Dr. Vasant Kumar Swarnkar, Director (NCF, CEP), Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). This gave the young learners an insight into the process through which the stratified layers of the earth are meticulously dug out; artifacts are collected and
carefully studied before being displayed at the Archaeological Museum within the fort complex. The students also interacted with the onsite archaeologists, Ms. Satrupa Bal and Mr. Awasthi observed some of the techniques and methods used to uncover the mysteries from our past. This rare first-hand experience of archaeology and all that it involves, especially at this very old and historic site, will certainly bring history alive for these students.

The Astronomy Club visited the Astroport in Sariska on 26 March 2023 for some intensive night sky observations and hands-on scientific study.

Students of class IV on a trip to Gwalior from 3 - 4 March 2023

Students of class II on a trip to Jaipur from 3 - 4 March 2023

Students of class III on a trip to Amritsar from 1 - 2 March 2023

Students of class V on a trip to Dudhwa National Park from 21-26 February 2023

Students of classes Nursery - I enjoying a night camp in school from 18-19 February 2023

A Photo walk was organised at Qutub Minar for the students of the Photography Club by PhotoNest on 04 February 2023

Educational Trip to IIT, Delhi

Students of Classes XI C and XID (Science students) were invited to visit Tryst ’23, Techfest  on 06 March 2023.  Visiting the Techfest organised at the IIT Delhi Campus was an enriching experience. Students got  the opportunity to attend a talk  on quantum computing. They also  witnessed various projects, inventions and initiatives ranging from drones to augmented and virtual reality to hyperloops and cars using water as their fuel.   Mr Saurabh M. Saxena, AHODS  shared his  insights with the students about the working of hydrogen cars thus converting the grey vehicles to green.  This really sparked their curiosity to think, innovate and apply these insights for the benefit of the country and the environment.