Expressions 2023

Performing Arts provide children the tools to explore their emotions, expand their imagination and develop their own unique voice. Expressions, the Annual Day for Nursery and KG, was held on 25 February 2023. There was excitement in the air as the tiny tots captivated everyone with their colourful costumes and enchanting smiles.
The Nursery students inaugurated their presentation by seeking the blessings of Lord Krishna in a dance form. This was followed by entertaining action songs and the well enacted play ‘The Three Strong Trees’. A medley of rhymes followed and the grand finale was a dance set to Rajasthani music which had every foot in the audience tapping.
Invoking Lord Ganesha, the KG students set the stage ablaze with their superbly performed dance. ‘A Year in KG’, gave a beautiful glimpse into the various activities done in the KG class. Music, dance and drama all came together as the children performed the play, ‘Princess Rose and the Six Fairies’. 
It was indeed a magical day with happy faces all around as both presentations were met with thundering applause and high appreciation. “Almost all creativity involves purposeful play”, said Abraham Maslow and Expressions 2023 was a wonderful experience for the little ones, enabling them to grow in confidence and discover the joy of self-expression.