Gurpurab celebrations

The teachings of Guru Nanak Dev are of great significance to mankind and the aim of the Gurupurab celebration held in the school was to bring this thought to students. On  18 November 2021 the students of VI-IX participated in the celebrations for the occasion which began with an informative video bringing forth the essence of Sikhism. The video  highlighted how the Sikh community stepped forth and started food drives, provided free oxygen cylinders, held blood donation and health check-up camps, doing seva for the community, irrespective of caste or creed. This made the students reflect on the message of Sikhism, of practicing the ideals of honesty, compassion, humility and generosity in everyday life.

Beautiful renditions of Shabad, sung by  volunteers in each class, touched every heart. What followed was an intellectually stimulating discussion on brotherhood, religious tolerance, living with differences, and altruism. This was moderated by the members of the Students’ Council 2021-22. Each religion not only spreads joy and cheer during festivals, but also spreads culture and the teachings of Guru Nanak ji, especially of peace and of love for one and all, were also shared by the Cabinet members. 

The celebration left a lingering feeling of warmth and enlightenment. 

 TIS family sent a message from the Principal, and a video, especially created by the Main Cabinet to the parents on the auspicious day of Gurupurab.