Orientation sessions for Sehpaathi-Samarpan collaboration for online classes

After the grand success of the previous year’s Sehpaathi-Samarpan online classes, our team of Project Sehpaathi has decided to continue with the project this year too with Samarpan Foundation. Since the management at Samarpan school were keen to have sessions conducted for the students of classes 6 to 8 as well, the sessions in Spoken English, Grammar and Mental Health and wellbeing would be continued for them too.
Informative videos as well as fun activities would be a part of each of the sessions.
We began with an orientation session on 17th and 18th July, followed by our regular weekend sessions (one hour each day).
A brief introduction of Project Sehpaathi by the mentors, followed by a showcasing of our journey with Samarpan, was a part of the orientation. An ice-breaker session, which included two fun games, not only made the students feel comfortable with their mentors,but also gave the students an opportunity to communicate their thoughts and voice their opinions. The aim of these activities was to give the students a short preview of the learning sessions ahead, which would include joyful learning too.
The first activity was ‘One Word Only,’ wherein the students had to introduce themselves using an adjective that best described them, beginning with the same letter as their name. The second game was ‘Introductory Chain,’ wherein the students had to ask a question to another person, and once answered, the second student in turn, would ask the third person and so on. As each one warmed up, the two activities fostered communication among all. A three – minute video encapsulated the purpose and goals of Project Sehpaathi with Samarpan. Finally, some guidelines regarding the online format
were presented and certain ground rules were laid, before the team bid adieu.

On Sunday, 18th July ,the students at Samarpan school participated enthusiastically in the first session and later shared their experiences of the class. An activity called ‘Vocab-A-Yarn’, had the students forming meaningful sentences, using the given words. Despite the errors in grammatical structures, the responses were beyond expectation. The correct structures and pronunciation being communicated simultaneously by our team, helped in the learning. A discussion on topics such as ‘What is your favorite season’ and ‘Who is your best friend,’ listed on a slide had wholehearted participation from all. The story telling session that followed was engaging and had the students retelling, summarising and conveying the message of the stories. Responses were enthusiastic and apt, which spoke a lot about the interest generated and the wholehearted participation.