Flawless Flaws


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Our school has a wonderful tradition of adopting social issues that are completely student-led initiatives to raise students to be good human beings and make a difference in society through them. In the year 2015, we launched a campaign called ‘Flawless Flaws’ in support of acid attack survivors. Through our campaign we envision school students sensitive and empathetic towards acid attack survivors. We want our students to act as a bridge between survivors and society ; as most of the victims of this brutal crime are left to face years of physical and emotional trauma and survivors have often isolated themselves after losing their normal appearances or being mutilated. These women deserve our deepest compassion, not discrimination, and we want everyone starting from school children to stand up against such crimes.

The students of class IX-XI have been working on this project, guided by Acid Attack Survivors Women Welfare Foundation, India. ASWWF has been training students from classes IX-XI to be peer mentors, who have presented an informative ppt in front of the teachers as well as students from classes VII-XI. We have set up an informative board in our school to spread awareness about acid attacks and to keep our students updated. We also have a fund generation event during our PTMs where we sell articles made by our students to generate funds.

In this campaign, we don’t just believe in raising funds but also work on generating employment for the survivors. We are very proud to share that recently we got some acid attack survivors employed in 5 star hotels like The Lalit New Delhi and Lemontree Bengaluru. We are in the process of grooming more survivors and getting them employed into respectable jobs.

Teacher -in-charge: Ms. Uma Chopra

  • President – Jesnoor Kaur – X C
  • Vice president- Parthivi Bhatia – IX A