Kick Start Equality

Kick Start Equality campaign works on gender equality for all. Our main aim is to break gender stereotypes in young minds as young as nursery and KG by introducing them to coloring books that send across a message of gender neutrality. These books have images of gender fluidity like boys building doll houses and girls riding on dinosaurs or girls running a bike repair shop. Our students also reinvent fairy tale stories on their own and narrate them to junior school students to break stereotypical mindsets of society. We believe that mindsets are made and build their foundation during the younger years of school life. Hence, we give a lot of importance to these issues. We have story books that talk about boys playing with doll houses. We also reinvent nursery rhymes in which a spoon runs away with another spoon instead of a dish and little Miss Muffet does not get scared of the spider, instead she shoes it away. We also conduct social experiments with students of our school where we ask them basic questions like “who do you think flies an airplane?” and “who builds automobiles?” to see what they answer and they show them the real time people who do all these jobs.

Going forward, we would like to propagate the same in other schools by reaching out to them and conduct gender sensitization sessions for them. We will also be connecting with gender neutral book authors, also spread gender equality through comic books and have a book shelf created in our library which will be specifically dedicated to gender neutral books. We will be inviting the authors and writers of such books to interact with our students. Also associate ourselves with NGOs that work for equality and create movement that will bring about a bigger change in society.

Teacher -in-charge: Ms. Vedica Saxena

  • President – Gia Gupta XII B
  • Vice President – Sanchit Kumar XII B