S.O.C.H--The Society Of Caretakers of Heritage

While a school is an institution wherein the dissemination of education takes place, what sets Tagore International School apart from others in the field, is its constant endeavor to see through the impact of this education by creating opportunities for the young minds to apply the learning gained.

One such step in this direction was taken by ‘Dharohar’, the Heritage club of the school that created a separate group of the senior school students and decided to call it ‘SOCH- The Society Of Caretakers of Heritage . Through this initiative, these students were given a platform to become guides for their juniors, the students of class V and conduct heritage walks for them and their parents.

The volunteers from classes IX –XI became a part of this new initiative and post an extensive research carried out by them, they conducted the first walk for class V C on Friday 5 February 2016 at the Safdarjung’s Tomb. The group was successful in generating a great degree of excitement among the students who took the walk and were greatly praised by their class teacher, Ms. Shivani Sharma who also accompanied them. An annual heritage walk for the parents of the students has also been organised ever since.

Heritage Walk to 'Sanchi Stupa' conducted with the students (and their families) of classes 3, 4, and 5 on 27 December 2020

As the Society Caretakers of Heritage pivoted to conducting virtual heritage walks this year, it has taken Tagoreans to wonders across India to continue spreading awareness about India’s heritage and the importance of conserving all the historical monuments and sites. SOCH embarked on another such journey with the parents and students of classes 3, 4, and 5 on its second Virtual Heritage Walk to Sanchi Stupa on Sunday 27 December 2020.

The half-forgotten tales and historical relics of the Buddhist site were brought to light by the members of SOCH with a self-made capsule of the entire complex. This was followed by an enlightening trivia and quiz round. The event further became joyful when parents and students enthusiastically interacted with the SOCH team to clear their queries and doubts and share personal anecdotes.

In the end, the arduous efforts of the entire team was immensely appreciated by parents and students alike.

To quote a few participants:

  1. Aditi Ranjan, Class 3- “I loved the walk and the efforts of the S.O.C.H team!”
  2. Arshiya Rajput, Class 3- “I enjoyed, everything was interesting, I loved it !!”
  3. Anadya Verma, Class 4- “Very informative…..thank you😀
  4. Akashleena Majee, Class 4- “We want more such virtual trips!”
  5. Aarav Ahuja, Class 5- “It was very interesting for me as I love history and read about it a lot.”
  6. Siya Sankpal, Class 5- “We enjoyed the virtual tour of Sanchi Stupa presented by the SOCH team. It was very well conducted and very educative. Our compliments to all the members of the  SOCH team and their mentors. Well done.”