Special Olympics Bharat Programme

“Disabilities are yet another manifestation of global diversity. Let us be committed to the fundamental principles of dignity and equality for all human beings.”

As advocated by Guru Rabindranath Tagore, the school strongly believes in equality in society and dignity of each individual . In keeping with this belief, a new social project has been initiated this year to sensitise the students regarding individuals with intellectual disabilities and how to enable and empower them to get their due respect and right place in society.

On 10th May ‘2018, a discussion was held in the school by the ten initial members of ‘The Youth Activation Committee’, now called ‘Team Saksham’. The team Saksham, comprising of students of class IX, not only interacted with the students with intellectual disabilities, but also had a meeting with the members of the Special Olympics Bharat team, under the stewardship of Ms. Uma Chopra (TGT Hindi) and Ms. Vedica Saxena (Project Director). Our school students suggested some unified sports and other activities, to be especially organised by the school .

Team Saksham firmly believes in Supporting, Valuing and Advocating Inclusion.

Disha 3.0, a Virtual 4 Day Event from 02 July - 05 July 2020

Disha is an annual event organised by Tagoreans . It is a fun packed event with unified competitions for athletes to showcase their talent. It originally started in 2018 with the first edition of Disha held on 09 December 2018 at Inderpuri, New Delhi. This year, for obvious reasons , team decided to hold Disha 3.0 as an online competition for the athletes with myriad of events.It was a four day virtual event held from 02 July to 06 July 2020 .The event witnessed participation from our special friends in 6 categories . On the first 3 days , judges were invited to judge the entries on a video conferencing platform to pick out winners for the first three positions. Over 300 national and international entries were received including entries from Pakistan. The entries showcased in all categories were breathtaking and highly appreciated by judges making their task equally challenging. The six categories and respective judges were as follows —

Painting – Ms. Saumya Bhatia

Dance – Mrs. Malovika Sarkar Mask-Making – Mrs. Kavita Goswami

Salad-Making – Mrs. Meenu

Best Out of Waste – Mrs. Adity Wasan Photography – Mrs. Pooja.

Interactions among students brought out more in them than they had prepared to showcase. Sabhya, a student of our school entertained through a stand-up comedy about people turning into professional chefs in this lockdown . e – Certificates were mailed to all the participants and the winners. Guest list included Mrs. Aparna, Mr. Shivjeet Singh, Mrs. Vedika, Mrs. Monica and Mrs. Tina, Asim, Jasmine, Simran from SOB Pakistan and Mrs, Nikita Tomar Mann (Principal of TISvv) whose presence added to the enthusiasm and energy . Mrs. Malovika Sarkar ,Classical Dance Teacher of our school prepared a special dance video about the present situation of Covid-19, with a voice – over by Saburi (Tagorean and a part of the team ) . On the last day of the event, Air marshal Denzil Keelor, Mr. Satish Pillai, Mrs. Ronak (SOB Pakistan), Mrs. Raman and Mrs. Mukta joined us to share a few words of encouragement and appreciation. The event was a huge success and concluded with a promise of staying connected.

Appreciation for "Disha-3", held online from 2 July 2020- 6 July 2020

Dear Principal,


Special Olympics Bharat – Delhi, take this opportunity to thank you, students of your school and Ms Umaraj Chopra for organising “Disha – 3” online in partnership with Special Olympics Bharat – Delhi from 02nd – 6th July 2020.

I want to extend a heartfelt Thank You for you and your team’s commitment in making this event so successful. You, the entire staff and the youth leaders of Tagore International School held the event in a beautiful and professional manner. I appreciate the time, effort and skills of Ms. Uma Chopra, teacher of your school, students and the Judges. Here I wanted to extend my appreciation to Saburi, Tanish, Shayan and Saira for their tireless efforts to make this event a grand success.

We also like to appreciate the willing support provided by all, to participate in the event enthusiastically without which the conduct of the event would not have been as successful as it turned out to be, well beyond our expectations. Needless to say that personal touch and effort of Mrs. Umaraj Chopra, Hindi TGT of your school went a long way in ensuring that our objectives were met. I would also like to recognize the support of school students who volunteered their services for the cause and helped in arranging all the facilities for the event. They did not give any scope for any complaint. Please convey our deep appreciation to all concerned and once again I thank you profusely on behalf of all the special athletes and staff of Special Olympics Delhi. We look forward to a similar help and cooperation for our Special Athletes in the future.

Scanned copies of certificates for the Youth Leaders Tanish, Saburi, Shayan and Saira are attached herewith.

Thanks and regards

Neeti Saxena

Area Director

Special Olympics Bharat Delhi