Tagorean Awareness Society

In the year 2014, two socially minded students from Class VIII, Samarth Parmar and Satya Dewan, launched the Tagorean Awareness Society (TAS) for Class VI-VIII. Today we have more and more members joining from class VI to XI. They are supported by their Faculty Mentor Ms. Radhika Malhotra. The society has two goals: to promote cleanliness and to support a school for the underprivileged.

Cleanliness: TAS has instated the ‘Cleanest Classroom Award’. TAS members judge classrooms on the following parameters: class cupboard, floor, furniture, and dustbin cleanliness. The winner is announced once in a month. They receive a trophy which they proudly display in their class for one month till it is taken away by another class that has been the cleanest next month.

Samarpan School: TAS has chosen to work with the Samarpan School in VasantKunj. They will visit the school once a month, conduct activities for the children, help them with their homework and donate books and eatables. Our students have interactive sessions with the children, play small games, antakshari, and conduct drawing and craft lessons with the children. The students then distribute storybooks and eatables. TAS even sing songs and spend time with them. Every time that the TAS members visit the school the children there are overjoyed to see them. The Principal Mrs Sherna is very helpful and accommodating. The TAS members are touched and grateful for the opportunity to interact with children so different from them. They realized that against all odds, the students at Samarpan school were happy, enthusiastic and positive. They are very eager to learn new things and want to work hard for a better future for themselves and their families.During the journey back to school the students exhibit a sense of satisfaction on spending their holiday with these children who eagerly wait for them. Every time they come back more satisfied and enriched!


Virtual Walk to RANI KI VAV on 08 November 2020

Students of Sehpaathi project and SOCH Club organized a virtual heritage walk on 08 November at 6pm. This was a fundraiser event to support the education costs of EWS students from Samarpan School Foundation, Vasant Kunj. ReTHINK INDIA FOUNDATION also came forward to support the cause by sharing this initiative by our students amongst all their stakeholders, delegates, embassies and ministry of education. It was well appreciated by all who had joined in.

Sehpaathi project students have been training students of Samarpan School on spoken English, soft skills, interview skills and more since lockdown began.

Session on SDG's & Talent Show with students of Samarpan School on 26 September 2020

Our tGELF youth leaders and TAS club students organized a session on 26th September for Samarpan school students and teachers on SDGs for a better world followed by a talent show to make them feel a part of us. This was also to commemorate the global SDG week. We invited Mr Samarth as a speaker where he shared the UN goals with Samarpan students. This platform gave students an opportunity to exchange skills as well as motivate eachother to perform better during these tough times. The session was well appreciated by the CEO and Principal of Samarpan school. The students also had a lot of exciting time virtually since their talent was well showcased. The main aim was to help them initiate similar campaigns like ours in their own school.

Tagoreans conducting virtual classes for students at Samarpan School during COVID 19 lockdown period

Tagorean Awareness Society in collaboration with Tgelf team is providing virtual classes on Confidence Building, Soft Skills, and English Speaking to the students of Samarpan School every Saturday. It is heartening to know that students from Samarpan School are benefitting a lot from these classes.
The efforts of the students have been appreciated and featured in their newsletter too.

International Yoga Day celebrated on 21 June 2020

Members of Tagorean Awareness Society celebrated the International Day of Yoga with great zeal, following the World Yoga Day theme for the year, 2020, which was ‘Yoga At Home and Yoga with Family’. Our students from classes VI to X recorded their short video clips by explaining the benefits of yoga.

The pre-recorded short video was streamed live on YouTube wherein members of TAS explained the importance of yoga in our lives and how yoga makes us feel proud as it is now being celebrated internationally since its inception in the year 2015. The students also explained the importance and benefits of yoga amid the current corona pandemic. The response from the students, their parents, and other viewers has been very positive and encouraging.