Skill Clubs Showcase their competencies 

Skill Clubs Showcase their  Competencies

In the 21st Century, success depends not only on one’s educational degrees but also on the ability to apply one’s learning to real  life situations.  Students of the various Skill Clubs of the school demonstrated their competencies for the parents during the course of the PTM on 21 October 2023.

The Pottery Club had a live potter’s wheel where students and parents tried their hand and made vases, pots, diyas and more. Everyone loved the feel of the wet earth and the chance to create something. The pots and tiles made by the students were also much appreciated. What to do when the doctor is not around? Students explained possible first aid solutions to common problems like nose bleed, dog bite, fainting and even heart attack.  The Handicraft Club displayed the beautiful items prepared by students. Jute bags and folders, canvas bags, Madhubani paintings and more were complimented by the parents.

The Culinary and Baking Club students created two refreshing mocktails, Cucumber Cooler and Sunrise Delight which parents enjoyed and found very refreshing. The Mask Making Club had used waste and daily use materials to create African wall hanging masks. They also had a live step by step demo of the entire process. The Travel and Tourism counter showed their research, teamwork, planning and decision making skills in planning itineraries for parents. They also displayed their travel brochures for places like Goa, Gangtok, Varanasi, Vrindavan and more. Students of the Data Science Club confidently explained the process and life cycle of data analysis. The Herbal Heritage Club displayed various herbs and microgreens and explained the hydroponic method of growing plants. Their sale of handmade paper bags, folders and coasters was a great success as all products were eagerly snapped up by the parents.

The Financial Literacy Club delivered an informative presentation on budgeting, saving, investment, tax planning and entrepreneurship, thus demonstrating the skills they have garnered during the session. The Astronomy club had arranged a rocket launching and solar viewing session in collaboration with Space India. Parents and students enjoyed the hands-on experience of launching rockets using the water rocket launcher. They also learnt about the techniques to safely view the sun using solar filters. AI and Robotics projects too were on display. AI based models like emotion detection, chat bot, hand sign detection and sensor based models like table bot, object detection bot, robo soccer and sumo fight were the key attractions. The Mass Media Club transformed the display board into a facebook page, showing photos of their activities and projects. They had a lively interaction with parents, giving out little thank you cards out as a keepsake.

It was a lively and enjoyable day,  with parents and students actively engaged and definitely an excellent opportunity for students to grow in confidence and improve their communication  skills.