Teachers’ Day celebrations on 04 September 2021

Students  ‘ZOOM’ in to ‘MEET’ and Honour Teachers Online!
To appreciate the efforts of the teachers, and also to express their heartfelt gratitude, a virtual Teachers’ Day celebration was organised by the Main Cabinet on the eve of 05 September ’21, using the platform Zoom aka ‘Zoom Barabar’.The teachers were taken on an amazing ‘filmy’ ride through Bollywood. Beginning with the fun banter in Bollywood style by presenters Tanish Chaudhry, Namya Chhabria, Joydeep, Gurpreet and Simran Vohra, à la Baburao, Munna bhai, Diljit Dosanjh, Shanaya and Poo, the celebration moved on to stand-up comedy, skits and dance. A quiz had the audience guessing ‘Whose pic is it’ as the screen flashed childhood or high school pics of teachers. The very entertaining ‘Never I have I Ever game’ had teachers spilling the beans, by answering ‘I HAVE’ or ‘I HAVE NOT’ to the questions displayed on the screen. ‘Dosti ka Intenhan’ had some teachers and their bosom pals tested on how well they knew each other.  The ‘SCAM 2020-TISVV’, wherein a trio of teachers successfully/unsuccessfully scammed the administration to escape duties, had everyone
in splits. Teachers recreated Bollywood scenes in classroom set-ups, by speaking dialogues of characters no less of a Gabbar or a Geet. Our rapper Ms. Madhulika Sen
blew everyone’s mind with her rap on the role she has played in shaping her vision of the school.
Uma ma’am’s segment was a superb blend of teachers portraying the real scenario behind online work and then later dancing a jig. The interview with Madhulika ma’m by Ronita ma’am brought forth the person behind the persona. Like every year, the Best Dressed Contest for teachers had them showcasing their transformation from plain Janes to divas of Bollywood. Some students from the batch of class XII also took on the challenge, Bollywood style. The event ended with a trip down memory lane, through pics clicked in school on different occasions.
Even though no one could be on stage and no one walked the red carpet, the virtual celebration was a massive success and left everybody elated, rejoicing every inch of the way! It was indeed a ‘filmy’ ride no one would ever forget!