The Performing Art Annual Production- ‘Sanchayan 2021’ ( Class III )

The Performing Art Annual Production- Sanchayan 2021 of class III was planned, executed and released on the digital platform. The students  remained true to the school’s motto ‘ Aham Yogya Asmi’  and adapted easily to the challenging circumstances. 

The presentation – The Emperor’s New Hair revolved around a bald King who wanted new hair. His courtiers tried to fool him by praising his ‘invisible’ hair. The play is replete with human emotions like pride, jealousy, humour and honesty, enacted confidently by the Theatre students. The students of Indian Dance, Indian Vocal Music, Western Vocal Music, Public Speaking and Art added to the presentation through their performances. The enthusiastic students participated with great zeal. 

A heartfelt gratitude was extended to the parent fraternity for support and coordination of efforts in making the presentation an unforgettable experience. Sit back and welcome to the play ‘The Emperor’s New Hair’

‘The Emperor’s New Hair’ by the students of class III