Webinar on Positive Parenting for Children with special needs by Team Saksham on 19 July 2021

Team Saksham organized a webinar on “Positive Parenting – raising a child with intellectual disabilities” on Monday, 19 July 2021 . The team invited experts to talk about practices guiding everyday living and thereby, shaping a better future for our special friends. The event started with moderators, Saburi Chopra (XII) and Tanish Chaudhary (XI) introducing Project Saksham. 
The first panelist Mr. Sunil Mendiratta spoke about the importance of yoga and tips and tricks to include yoga in everyday life. The next speaker , Ms. Mehr Lungani, counselor and Mental Health expert, spoke about reinforcement and positive behavior. Her words motivated the audience and gave them perspective . Ms. Misha Sharma was the third panelist who spoke about dietary patterns of children, how to improve the child’s diet and ways by which children can appreciate a healthy diet. With her experience as a clinical nutritionist , Ms. Misha had a lot to share and her efforts were a huge part of making this event a success. A Q&A round for the parents was held after every speaker’s talk.
The event ended with words of appreciation by our friends from Pakistan and all the parents present. Mrs. Vedica Saxena and Mrs. Uma Chopra are the mentor teachers for Team Saksham who have been guiding the team through all the stages and facilitating the success of the event.