BALA (Building As a Learning Aid)

Using our campus buildings as a learning aid (BALA) allows us to introduce a new dimension to education. The goal is to create learning experiences that are vivid and long-lasting.

We constantly change the concepts and information we teach; over the years, the pavements around the school atrium have been painted with the Periodic Table of Elements, different geometric shapes, the UN’s structure, the phases of the Moon, latitudes and longitudes, a table of fractions, and a timeline of the history of Delhi, India and the world. There is also a permanent physical map of India on a wall to make studying the physical features of our country easy. The kindergarten block has colourful beads on the railings that serve as an abacus, helping the tiny tots learn colours, numbers, series and patterns. Lastly, all stairs in the school have important dates printed that can be seen as one climbs.