Security and Transport

CCTV Surveillance

To ensure the safety and security of the students and staff, the school is fully equipped with CCTV (Closed Circuit television) cameras at the various vantage points within the school premises.

Fire Fighting Equipment

Fire fighting equipment is installed in all the corridors and laboratories of the school. Regular disaster management drills are conducted in the school to prepare students and teachers to handle any emergency.

School Transport System

The school has a fleet of 21 buses run by experienced drivers and conductors. All students are expected to follow bus rules. The buses are regularly maintained and adhere to the norms set forth by the Transport Department of Delhi. There is a female support staff member on each bus to ensure proper supervision of students, who is dropped off after all students have disembarked. On most bus routes there is a teacher present who stays on for the duration of the route. On routes on which a teacher is unavailable, there are two female support staff members.