Inter-school Competition for Classes III – XII

In partnership with the Embassy of Japan, our school has been organising an annual interschool origami competition for students of classes III – XIII. An increasingly popular craft among students, it is also a skill that develops patience and attention to detail. One of the most unique and highly reputed competitions, in Delhi NCR, we invite more than 35 Schools from all over Delhi to participate in different solo and group categories and one for the teachers too!

Each category has its theme that showcases creativity and finesse in the Japanese art of paper-folding and hand dexterity.

Virtual Origami Exhibition from 09 - 11 November 2020


In a slight deviation from hosting the annual Origami competition, the school, in association with the Japanese Embassy, organised a Virtual Inter School Origami Exhibition from 9 -11 November 2020 via Google Meets. This year’s event was exclusively a friendly exhibition, without any competition or ranking being awarded to the participating schools. Each of the four categories – Junior, Middle, and Senior and the teacher category had different themes, ranging from folk tales from the Panchatantra to Jataka Tales to Japanese folk tales.

Due to the unprecedented circumstances of the pandemic, a unique format was devised by the Art Department, in consultation with the Junior School Headmistress, Ms. Shruti Sharma, to make it possible for the participants to showcase their creativity and finesse in the Japanese art of paper- folding. The participants, using their imagination, creativity and dexterity, had to create a 3D model of their composition, based on the given theme in their respective category. This was to be showcased in a 2 to 21/2-minute video, that was to be sent to the host school. Not only had the models to depict either a scene or a character or convey the moral of the story, but each participant also had the opportunity to introduce themselves and to explain the meaning and the process that went into the creation of their artwork.

These videos were then compiled together in batches of five by the computer Department of the host school and presented at the online exhibition, on the day earmarked for each category.

The school was privileged to have Ms. Mizuho Hayakawa, the director of the Japanese Information Centre in the Embassy of Japan, to witness the exhibition through the online meet, along with students and teachers of the host school as well as participating schools.

The exhibition was a stupendous collection of artworks that demonstrated the breadth, creativity & genius of the origami enthusiasts. Each seemed to be unique, with respect to the complexity, realism, and life depicted in the different designs. The models, which explored many sides and techniques of origami, were filled with vibrancy and wonderfully brought the characters to life. The enthusiasm and maturity with which the students presented the reason for their choice of a particular folk tale or its relevance in today’s time, using different styles of narration left everyone astounded. Ms. Mizuho Hayakawa was highly appreciative of the school’s effort to come up with the unique format this year and conveyed to the participants to continue pursuing their passion for Origami.