Use of Technology


Today’s children are born at a time when the use of technology is the new norm. To face the world they’ll inherit in a decade or two, it is essential that the education they receive should help them become globally competent citizens. There is a dire need to adapt teaching and assessing styles that is commensurate with each student’s style of receptiveness and learning.

The latest advancements in technology are changing the shape of the educational space and transforming the classroom into a place where everyone can engage, interact and learn.

Our school has invested heavily in developing and implementing technical standards that are transforming the classroom into a place where everyone can engage, interact and excite the learners of tomorrow.

Our school is a GAFE school and uses Google Apps in almost every aspect of education: Teaching, Learning, Creating, Collaborating and Assessing. The entire campus is WiFi enabled to facilitate the same with 2 broadband connections of 300Mbps and 100 Mbps.PDP’s held regularly for teachers has not only empowered them to understand the needs of the learner, but has also upgraded their knowledge of new and modified methods in the teaching-learning process.

From a young age, students are constantly taught the use of technology and the internet responsibly. Frequency in conducting workshops on CYBER SECURITY helps them to cleverly implement the Do’s and Don’ts, while interacting with technology.’ PYROTECH CLUB is a club started by technology enthusiasts of classes IX-XII who take up the challenging responsibility of training students, besides organising its yearly Interschool Computer Festival, ORDIN@trix.

Building the classroom of the future – a more globally competent, student-centred learning space that engages diverse learners, is the aim we strive to achieve through our continuous endeavours . Below is the list of areas touched upon by technology in our school.

Tech for maintaining Discipline & Management

  • The Biometric attendance system for support staff has been in use for the past few years, thus facilitating paper reduction.
  • Campus Care by Entab as ERP for parent involvement has secured smooth, prompt, and economical execution of the process of maintaining records, disseminating information, creating report cards and sending assignments.

Tech for managing Carbon Footprints

Solar panels have been put up extensively for harnessing solar energy. The school is now proud to announce that we are not only living ‘off the grid’ and are self-sufficient in terms of electricity, but are all too happy to supply some to the grid as well!

Tech in Classrooms

Technology resources like Educosoft to support and challenge the students with activities and extra practice in Mathematics and Science has been in regular use.
The school has installed 75 inches Smart Interactive Panels in classes VIII, IX and X.
These touch panels are enabled with internet, built in apps and can be synced with external devices viz. laptop, iPad, tablets and so on for enriched teaching- learning endeavours. Teachers can display educational content and material on these Interactive Panels with ease and the display of these panels is awe-inspiring.

Besides these, Interactive Whiteboards or Smart Boards, Projectors, eBeams, are a feature in every classroom which can perform multimedia functions, such as internet access,displaying images, playing audio and video files. Together, these features allow the facilitator to enhance and provide content that is interactive, dynamic and engaging. This blended learning (a combination of offline (face-to-face, traditional learning) and online learning) is the way forward in education.

Apart from this, a dynamic curriculum is designed for senior school students to channelise their tech knowledge in areas such as image editing, coding, game/app designing, programming, movie making etc. The school has invested in high end DSLR cameras with required accessories. Proper training is provided to students in its technical know how. Besides computers, STEAM curriculum is in place, with hand holding by IIT professionals to foster a creative streak in students in the field of 3D designing, 3Dprinting, robotics and coding on both online and offline platforms.

Tech for Inclusive Education

As a part of our endeavour to provide education in mainstream even to students with visual impairments, school has a tie up with NAB. Students receive regular training to use technology to their advantage and get the education they deserve.

Tech for Collaborative Virtual and Online Learning

Students of Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar, have been interacting with their Chinese counterparts from Jinyuan High School in Shanghai (JSHS), through video conferencing and have established virtual classrooms in order to learn from each other. As a part of this process, both the schools share their expertise in some form of art from their respective cultures.

With the aim to break down religious and cultural differences, the Face to Faith Programme and various programmes under ISA allows, via video conferencing or Skype, international interaction with students in other countries.

Tech for Safety

The school is under CCTV cameras surveillance, which is being used to provide surveillance and to monitor and keep track of all the activities that take place inside the premises of the school. The CCTV security system keeps track of all entrances and exits, thereby promoting school security

A Seismograph in the school not only records tremors but is an interesting mode of learning the science behind it.

Hooter is used for announcing an emergency and to practice mock evacuation drills

All school buses are fitted with speed control equipment.

Tech in Library

Barcode a readers are used to maintain stock of books and keep records. The school recognizes the importance of getting children to read and has two generously equipped libraries of books. These can be immediately accessed using the barcode readers. School also publishes a monthly digital library, separately for Junior and Senior school based on a thoughtfully picked up theme .These libraries contain links to online free  e books and youtube videos . This was an initiative taken as a special endeavour of the school to recommend  age appropriate reading material to students and further their interest in reading .