Art Integrated Learning

Art Integrated Learning is a model of teaching that places emphasis on learning through and with the arts. Rather than rote-learning through texts and focusing solely on the written aspects, AIL makes room to learn creatively and engage with the concepts and themes in a more experiential and hands-on approach. By focusing on various art forms and art experiences, students are encouraged to apply their sensory skills and make connections between topics in the textbook and the wonderful world of art around them. 

By tapping into creativity and innovation, the model promotes a learning model that develops the mind and skills holistically. Each class follows different activities based on their age and skill level to incorporate AIL. Some of the activities include drawing, painting, clay modelling, dance, music, and poetry. Students have made finger puppets to retell Aesop’s Fables; analysed wall art in Khajuraho Temples to understand contemporary social issues; and delved into folk music like   Baul music from Bengal white studying the Indian National Movement. Most recently, students of class VI came up with their own rap songs, some of which are displayed below.

Team VI A

Team VI C

Aarush Gurung VI A

Vibhuti Kataria VI A

Prisha Sharma VI B