Performing and Visual Arts

Performing and Visual Arts

The activities offered in the varied performing and visual art classes provide a forum for the growth of students by tapping their creativity, talent and energy, besides improving their coordination, flexibility, agility, strength and the finer motor skills.

The Annual Performing Art Festival ‘Sanchayan” for classes I to V and “Expressions” for the Pre-Primary, which is a culmination and celebration of their talent in music, art, theatre, public speaking and dance, are much-awaited and looked-forward-to events in the school’s calendar.

The students also get opportunities to showcase their skills in varied activities conducted within the school, be it a song or dance for the school assembly, invocation for special programs or events celebrated in the school or the school song sung during school assemblies.

Classes I-V

  1. Theatre
  2. Public Speaking
  3. Instrumental Music (Keyboard)
  4. Indian Classical Dance
  5. Clay Modelling
  6. Indian Vocal Music

Classes IX-X

  1. Indian Classical Dance
  2. Indian Vocal Music
  3. Painting
  4. Western Vocal and Instrumental Music
  5. Theatre

Classes VI-VIII

  1. Theatre
  2. Painting
  3. Western Vocal and Instrumental Music
  4. Indian Vocal Music
  5. Indian Classical Dance
  6. Public Speaking
  7. Tabla

Visual and Performing workshop organised by Kiran Nadar Museum of Art on 30 January 2021

Pablo Picasso once said, ‘Music and Art are the guiding lights of the world’. The Dvaya Kala workshop organized by Kiran Nadar Museum of Art on 30 January, 2021 provided us an opportunity to experience what Picasso meant.

A confluence of Visual and Performing Arts, the workshop was both enthralling and engaging for us. We learnt about Kathak as a dance form and the Gonda style of Madhubani Art. We drew motifs in Gonda style like a lotus flower, an elephant and birds. Overall it was a wonderful and an enriching experience.

Report by
Zahra Shirpurwala-VIIC
Tishya Chandok-VIII C

Paintings made by the students of classes I to VIII on the occasion of Republic Day 2021

Lanterns and Artworks done by the students on the occasion of Diwali

Amazing clicks by the students of Photography Club on the topic " Nature "

Workshop on 'Classical Dances of India ' was organised by History Diaries on 22 & 23 August 2020

The History Diaries organized an online workshop of all the 8 classical dances of India ‘ CONFLUENCE’ on 22nd and 23rd Aug 2020. This workshop introduces students to the history, knowledge, and the uniqueness of each of 8 classical dance forms. They also learned a few basics of every dance forms. Students participated are:-

  • Drishti Verma – VIII
  • Ananya Pahuja – VIII
  • Aadya Kamath – VIII
  • Ashvika Singh – IV
  • Suvidhi Jain – IV


This was an incredible experience for me as I got to acquire much more about the dance forms and their origin. Correspondingly what is so special in each dance form and its unique feature. It was a wonderful session. All the dance forms were extraordinary and exceptionally beautiful in their own way.

-Dhrishti Verma , 8B

Colours of Patriotism: Paintings made by the students of class VI on the topic "What Freedom means to them"

Kathak Performance by the students of classes VI to IX

Watercolor Paintings by art students of TIS

The Upside of Lockdown

Learning something new everyday. Tried my hand at Mandala art today -enjoyed and loved it.

A Mandala is a symbolic picture of the universe. It helps transform ordinary minds into enlightened ones and assists with healing.

Missing school so much that I decided to make it part of my new creation. Blessed to have such wonderful teachers mentoring me all these years and so I can truly say ‘I am worthy’.

Hope this ordeal ends soon and we are back to our classrooms.

Paavani Kapur


Annual performance by the students of various Performing Arts from classes VI to VIII

Class VI

Photography – Harshit VII A
Videography – Devansh Pandita VIII A
Farhan Ahmed VI A

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Class VII

Photography – Devansh Pandita VIII A
Videography – Harshit Kumar VII A

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Class VIII

Photography- Devansh Pandita VIII A
Videography – Md Wafi VIII A

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