Student Council

Values and life skills imbibed in the formative years of a school- going child, sets a base for the holistic growth of the child and builds the child’s personality .To inculcate a spirit of healthy competition among the students, and to acknowledge their talents, the Pre Primary and Primary class students have inter – class competitions , while Tagoreans from classes VI-XII are divided into houses for the same. The monthly co-curricular and the sports events  for the inter- House competitions are planned and implemented by the Student Council, in consultation with the Senior School Headmistress. Each student can participate only in  three events in a year to ensure that every student gets a fair chance to participate in an event of their choice. The students can decide which ones are best suited for them in advance. Auditions are held for selection amongst the interested students. The selected candidates, with the help of the House- in-charge and Teachers -in-charge, are groomed to hone their skills/ talent for the final performance.  The four Houses, represented by their distinct colours, are as below:





Student Council 2021-22

Main Cabinet

PresidentVaishnavi Pandey – XII B
Malvika Chawla – XII A
Cultural CaptainsNavya Goel – XII B
Pareena Aneja – XII D
Student ModeratorShayan Basu Roy – XII B
Tanish Kaushik – XII B
Sports CaptainPurvani Sobti – XII B
Sambhav Grover – XII B

Assistant Main Cabinet

Vice PresidentNamya Chhabra – XI A
Bavleen Kaur – XI A
Assistant Cultural CaptainTanish Chaudhary – XI A
Jahnvi Kumar – XI A
Assistant Student ModeratorDivya Sijwali  – XI A
Sayna Bakshi  – XI B
Assistant Sports CaptainJoydeep Singh – XI D
Simran Vohra – XI A

House Cabinet

EKTA HOUSECaptain: Aarushi Guleria : XII B
Prefect: Anushka Sabharwal : XII B
PRAGATI HOUSECaptain: Ananya Sachdeva : XII B
Prefect: Ritika Dash : XII B

Captain: Manya Kamath : XII B
Prefect: Haardik Juneja : XII B

SHANTI HOUSECaptain: Dhriti Katial : XII D
Prefect: Arshea Bahuguna : XII B

Assistant House Cabinet


Vice Captain – Gurmaan Singh Sandhu – XI C
Assistant Prefect – Pratyush Saini – XI A

Assistant Prefect – Shreya Mathur – XI B


Vice Captain – Pranav Bhatia – XI D
Assistant Prefect – Dheepta Tayal – XI A

Assistant Prefect – Devina Jain –  XI B


Vice Captain – Yashwi Pathak – XI D
Assistant Prefect – Anisha Jain –  XI A

Assistant Prefect – Aadhithyan Subramanian –  XI B


Vice Captain – Bhavini Joneja – XI B
Assistant Prefect – Raj Anand – XI A

Assistant Prefect – Hrehaan Ahuja – XI C

Junior  Cabinet

EKTA HOUSECaptain : Vrinda Arora – VIII C
Vice captain : Aparajita Yadav – VIII B
PRAGATI HOUSECaptain : Mana Mehta – VIII C
Vice captain : Aeika Gurung – VIII C
SHAKTI HOUSECaptain : Rushil Sinha – VIII C
Vice captain : Tvisha Mehta – VIII C
SHANTI HOUSECaptain : Tishya Chandok – VIII C
Vice captain : Raanya Soti – VIIIC