World of Tiny Tots

Intra Class Competitions

April 2024

NUR-Lyric League ((English/ Hindi Rhyme Recitation)
KG-Lyric League ((English/ Hindi Rhyme Recitation)

July 2024

NUR-Glamour Gala (Fancy Dress)
KG-Glamour Gala (Fancy Dress)

August 2024NUR-Clay Carnival (Fun With Clay)
KG-Clay Carnival (Fun With Clay)
September 2024NUR-Oratory Odessey (I Speak)
KG-Oratory Odessey (I Speak)
October 2024

NUR-Persona Parade (Character Portrayal)
KG-Persona Parade (Character Portrayal)

November 2024

NUR-Tale Saga (Storytelling with Puppets)
KG-Tale Saga (Storytelling with Puppets)

December 2024

NUR-Doodle Delight (Drawing Competition)
KG-Doodle Delight (Drawing Competition)


Yellow Day is Fun Day in Nursery

Christmas Celebrations with the Students of Nursery & KG

Krishna Janmashtami Celebration with the Students of Nursery & KG

Month-at-a -Glance