Project Sehpaathi

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Project Sehpaathi – A Social Outreach Program for Inclusive Education

‘Sehpaathi’, a social outreach program for EWS education started as a community project with the sole aim to serve the society. With its unique concept of inclusivity and sustainability, Sehpaathi has pushed its boundaries and expanded to a larger audience since its inception in the month of May 2020.
Sehpaathi in its first year was able to connect with NGOs and organisations namely ‘Lakshya Foundation, Sanshil Foundation and ‘Samarpan Foundation’. Sehpaathi worked closely with these organisations to facilitate quality education to the people from socially and economically backward sections of the society.
Sehpaathi considers this a responsibility to reach out to the people who need Sehpaathi as a medium to get educated and be financially independent.
The best way to become  accessible medium to a larger audience, it was meaningful to convert Sehpaathi, from an ideal community project to a non-profit venture. 
Sehpaathi changed for the better, offering affordable and quality services. We provide services like formatting of books for the visually challenged people, tutoring services for middle school students, counselling sessions catering to all needs, conducting virtual heritage walks, organising Drag (Dressed Resembling A girl) Queen story hours  and helping other schools come up with their own social service projects. 
The earnings from all these services are further being utilized for betterment and widening the spectrum of our services, penetrating our outreach, and to get more and more teachers and counsellors on board with us. 
We have associated with many renowned organisations and personalities. To name a few, we have collaborated with UNODC South Asia, YAH India , CAF India and Rethink India. We have also partnered with companies like Westland by Amazon who are helping us in the formatting of the books for visually challenged, along with Lalit Hospitality Ltd. who are helping us to conduct nation wide drag sessions.We have partnered with renowned counsellors and mentors like Ms. Prarathna Kaul, Richa Vashishta, Vedica Saxena, Mr. Parmesh Shahani, Ms. Namrata Upadhyay, Ms. Neha Jain and Dr. Vikram S. Panwar.
The idea of taking Sehpaathi forward as a non-profit venture was exposed to the National Level Competition, India’s Future Tycoons in the month of February. Our idea was admired by the jury and was presented with a seed fund of Rs 10,000. Our campaign won 4th position nationally for their business project. They were also mentored by business industry expert during their journey of the project. The won the title of The Best Pitch as well. 
The campaign has a social media handle @sehp_aathi on Instagram, with all updates on the work undertaken by the campaign members. Follow this link for more info- . It is a voluntary campaign for students of age 13 years and above. To join the campaign, please reach out to the Project Director or campaign heads.
Teacher Incharge
  • Ms. Uma Chopra
  • Ms. Priyanka Randhawa
  • President –  Manssha Taneja – XI C
  • Vice president – Aahana Jain – IX C

Embracing Gratitude: Team Sehpaathi at Jagriti

On December 20, 2024, Team Sehpaathi orchestrated a meaningful gratitude session at Jagriti, an NGO committed to supporting underprivileged children.

During their visit, the student volunteers from Team Sehpaathi connected with dedicated teachers and the founder of the institute. The children at Jagriti eagerly embraced the opportunity to meet the team. Playing games, sharing gratitude stories, and talking about hobbies created a joyful atmosphere. Laughter and expressions of thanks filled the air as the team discussed ways to bring gratitude into daily life, like making gratitude jars.

The kids at Jagriti were awesome, and Team Sehpaathi gave them stationery items to make their day even brighter. It was a heartwarming experience for everyone involved.