Blood Donation Camps

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TAGORE EX STUDENTS ASSOCIATION (TESA) formed in 2009,has grown in stature in leaps and bounds over the years. Its members have made their alma mater proud by living up to the school motto, ’I am worthy’. This, they have done through the numerous projects they have adopted. The mission of TESA is to promote, encourage and maintain connections with alumni, families, and friends worldwide and through their support, strengthen and foster an alumni body which is interested and involved in working closely with the school. TESA offers means of communication, events, and services for current and future alumni for continued relationships among its graduates.

Blood Donation Camp on 8 December 2018 in collaboration with the Rotary Club

Blood Donation Camp on 09 December 2017 in collaboration with Indian Red Cross Society

Blood Donation Camp on 03 September 2016 in collaboration with Rotary Club

Blood Donation Camp on 12 September 2015 in association with Rotary Blood Bank

Blood Donation Camp on 6 December 2014 in association with the Lions Club International Blood Bank

Blood Donation Camp on 26th October,2013 in association with Leukemia Society

Blood Donation Camp on 4th August,2012 in association with Rotary club

Rotary lauded the initiative and announced that the camp had broken all records where numbers of donors in a school were concerned.