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From the bright ‘good morning’ of Ramdas bhaiyya to the long list of prize winners in the special assembly; from clearing doubts in the zero period to missing classes for cabinet work; from Rumna ma’am’s ‘minus five’ to standing outside Madhu ma’am’s office; and from caterpillars entering with slow hesitant steps in nursery to beautiful and confident butterflies headed for the azure, Tagoreans carry their alma mater in their hearts wherever they may go.

We cherish the moments when they come back to share their experiences.

Rahul Premraj of 1998 batch visited school on Friday 4 November, 2016

A note of gratitude from the parents of Pranay Pinnamaneni, Batch of 2016

Respected Ma’am

We are happy to inform that Pranay Pinnamaneni,our son who passed out 12th from your reputed school 20l6 batch has done well in NEET and got 3427 in All India Medical Entrance and qualified for medical colleges in Bangalore and ACMS Delhi .

He has qualified for AFMC Pune and secured 38 rank in merit list. He did very well in the interview and the English logical reasoning and psychoanalysis paper and passed the physical fitness. He is joining AFMC Pune. 

We sincerely thank the whole team of Tagore International School and especially you for helping him and giving him an opportunity to prove himself .

Thank you so much ma’am. We need your blessings .



Dr.Haritha Rao

R.Priya, Batch of 2013, expressing gratitude towards the school

I am really thankful to the school for giving me a strong foundation and making me what I am today. At all stages of my career till now I’ve always got an upper hand because of this school. At my interview for MSc-MTech Nanotechnology at Amity University, when I told them that I’m an alumnus of TIS Vasant Vihar, their exact response was “If you’re from TIS Vasant Vihar then you’re definitely good.” So now that this school has given such an extraordinary boost to my career, now it’s my turn to give back to my school.

Saurabh Bali, 1985 Batch, with Madhu Ma’am in the school