Sparkling Send-Off to the Class of 2024

On January 20, 2024, Grade XI students at Tagore International School orchestrated a dazzling farewell, a joyous symbol of valediction for their graduating seniors.

What transpired was a spellbinding evening of memories, adorned with captivating performances, an extravagant feast, abundant accolades and music to liberate the soul.

The school atrium transformed into a cosmopolitan dream, complete with a red carpet that warmly welcomed each 12th grader and their date as they made a captivating entrance, adorned in attire radiating glamour, seamlessly aligned with the night’s theme – the Manhattan Gala.

For the departing batch, this glamorous soirée marked a majestic conclusion to their school years, a celebration of camaraderie with mentors and friends amid the Manhattan-inspired splendor. As the grade XI students bid adieu to their seniors, the evening stirred a mosaic of emotions, encapsulating cherished memories and the anticipation of future endeavors.