TIS,VV Commemorates World Human Rights Day with Inclusive Perspectives

On December 13, 2023, the Breaking Barriers team from Tagore International School had the privilege of participating in a meaningful event hosted by JLL (ACCENTURE) to mark World Human Rights Day. Celebrating the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948, the session featured esteemed Human Rights Activist Harish Iyer as the guest speaker.

The core focus of the hour-long online session centered around inclusivity within workspaces. Project Heads from Tagore International School, representing various initiatives, actively engaged in discussions, illustrating how the school cultivates an inclusive environment. They underscored the transferability of these principles to professional workplaces, emphasizing that the fundamental human right of being respected should be universally upheld.

The session culminated with a thought-provoking observation: the responsibility for inclusivity lies with those who are included, shifting the narrative away from those who may feel excluded. This insightful session highlighted the active role individuals can play in promoting inclusivity and safeguarding human rights, both in educational institutions and professional settings.