Ravana Goes Up in Flames, Taking our Bad Habits With It – Dussehra Celebrated With Fervour

The many and varied festivals of India are a reflection of our rich cultural heritage, and Tagore International has always celebrated each festival with enthusiasm ; thus inculcating an appreciation for the diversity which makes India so unique.

We celebrated Dussehra by burning the effigy of Ravana, which as always, had been created by the Art Department. Students of classes VI to XII were asked to write one bad habit which they would want to change about themselves and paste it on the Ravana. The effigy going up in flames accompanied by a few firecrackers was greeted with loud cheers and much excitement. The excitement level went up a notch on seeing the drones which captured the event on camera ; high tech and tradition coming together in a seamless blend which is characteristic of TIS.

The celebration served to remind students of the values of honesty, respect and goodness, which are at the core of our Indian epic, Ramayana.