Immersive Learning – Student Parliament 2024

Political Science students of Classes XI and XII had the opportunity to be a member of the Student Parliament which was organized on 10 May 2024 in collaboration with PRS an Indian non-profit organisation involved in legislative research. The mock Parliament was conducted in two segments. The first half was a question hour where those students who were MPs grilled those who were ministers. In the second half, the students were divided into groups , given a stakeholder position on a fictional bill, ‘Regulation of e-commerce platforms 2024’ and given one hour of research time. They debated intensely, proposed amendments and passed the bill. The students were delighted to be a part of this enriching experience as it was an opportunity to go beyond the textbook. Their involvement could be seen in their intelligent questioning, their enthusiastic discussion and their loud ayes and nays. They were also filled with a sense of responsibility as future voters and possible politicians of the country. Will share for social media separately