Rabindra Jayanti 2023

Our school has the distinction of being named after one of the most towering personalities of modern times. The birth anniversary of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore(1861-1941) has always been commemorated with a plethora of activities, and this year  was no exception.  9 May 2023 saw many of the younger students beautifully dressed in traditional attire, ready to sing, dance or perform.

As a tribute to the polymath ( poet, writer, playwright, composer, philosopher, educationist, social reformer, artist  and more)  the programme commenced  with students of Class III dancing to the mesmerising melody of ‘Mayabono Biharini Horini’, one of Tagore’s most enchanting songs. The students of Class IV presented a play which was a modern adaptation of the story ‘ Bhikharini’ written by Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore. Students of Class V  paid tribute to the poet with an  emotive recitation of his famous poem, ‘My Mother’. Moving on, various students read from his writings, sharing inspirational thoughts and ideas. Middle school students enjoyed the screening of famous stories written by Rabindranath Tagore and discussed the values disseminated in these  and how practical and relevant they have remained even in today’s rapidly changing times. Students of the Senior school read famous poems by Tagore followed by a discussion on the poem.

‘The awakening of India is a part of the awakening of the world. The door of the New Age has been flung open as at the trumpet blast of a great war…’ wrote the poet. While the legacy of poetry, music, plays, novels, scholarly writings  that he left is a never-ending treasure trove, his liberal thought and forward looking ideas continue to inspire and uplift.