Senior School Prize Distribution 2024-Celebrating the Champions

“Excellence is an ongoing commitment, not an accident and as long as we are persistent in our pursuit of excellence, we will continue to grow.” With this thought we commenced our senior school Prize Distribution ceremony, under blue skies and bright sunshine,  on 9 February 2024,.

 It was an honour to have Dr. Joseph Emmanuel as our chief guest for the senior school prize distribution ceremony. Dr. Emmanuel, director in the Central Board of Secondary Education, is a pioneer in his field. He currently heads the Academics Division and is responsible for guiding schools in the areas of teaching, learning and assessment.  He praised the students for having imbibed good values along with the pursuit of academic excellence and lauded the school for its focus on holistic development. ‘Your attitude decides your altitude,’ he said and exhorted the students to be the best in whatever they do and thus bring positive changes to society. He also appreciated the close bond between the teachers, parents and students.

A Prize distribution ceremony serves as a platform to recognize and celebrate student achievements, fostering a culture of excellence and motivation. By acknowledging their efforts publicly, students are inspired to strive for greater success, fueling their ambition and dedication towards academic and extracurricular pursuits. Tagoreans had a plethora of awards to celebrate and the proud parents of the awardees were also there to partake in these moments of pride.  Awards for academics, for sports, for inter-House events, for the hard working cabinet members, for our dedicated teachers and support staff; no one was forgotten. The students who have been ‘buddies’ to the visually impaired students were rewarded with the Sunshine Awards. Interspersed with the list of prizes, the audience enjoyed a rhythmic and graceful Lambadi folk dance, a melodious version of ‘Raag Malhaar’ accompanied by western instruments thus giving it a contemporary twist, and finally a very peppy fusion of modern, jazz and hip hop. Some truly stunning artwork created by our students was on display and added a touch of visual beauty. The much awaited announcement of the best House (Shanti House) and Runners-Up (Ekta House) brought the day to an exciting conclusion. 

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